In addition to David Lindström, the Day Felice band consists of Anton Hedberg (Guitar), Henrik Jingåker (Keys), Nicolas Malmsten (Drums) and Jonatan Ney (Bass).


A romantic theatricality permeates Swedish artist Day Felice’s chamber/art pop. Rather than just a singer/songwriter, he’s an integral creator: His multi-layered lyrics and love for colorful, cinematic emotional contrasts reveals a wide range of influences stretching from dark cabaret to 2000s piano rock.

Felice is one of those personalities where art precedes the medium. Born in Borås to a writer father, his exposure to the public eye has been established through acting. While being a less-known aspect of his artistic persona, music has been at the center of Day Felice’s creative activity since childhood. “I was going to be a pianist before I became an actor”, he explains. The years of piano training are still very present in his songs, characterized by a great emphasis on theatrical arrangements and jazzy (at times almost classical) harmony.

However well-polished his instrumental approach might be, his “ragged” vocal style and the lyrical combination of youthful energy with adult cynicism set him apart from similar pop artists.

”I really could care less about trends or whatever is cool”, Felice states. “I’d rather try creating what I find beautiful. Beauty over everything else.”

Regardless of the elaborate artistic concept behind Day Felice’s music, he doesn’t write “blossomy” lyrics. This doesn’t exclude some everyday poetry on his remarkably quotable verses: “I must write in this silence / Before silence has written everything in me.”

After playing with various musical ensembles, Day Felice got signed to Rexius Records in the beginning of 2018 and released his debut album “Go On” last autumn. The debut earned him a feature on prominent Swedish blog Popmuzik and a warm reception among European audiences.

”He writes songs from his heart, with big melodies and a pretty timeless and genre free approach.”

– Nordic Music Review


As an actor, David Lindström has been seen prominently in series such as Vikings (MGM/History Channel) and Blue Eyes (SVT). He is represented by PMJ Artistgruppen.